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John Buchanan

Criminal Defence Lawyer, Vancouver, BC

John Buchanan is an experienced criminal lawyer who has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law for over 30 years. My office is located in Vancouver, BC and I represent individuals charged with criminal offences including:

  • Assault (all assault charges including domestic and spousal;
  • Production of Marijuana and all drug charges, including possession for the purpose of trafficking and trafficking in controlled drugs and substances;
  • Fraud, theft, all shoplifting charges and breach of trust offences including theft from an employer
  • Communicating (for the purpose of prostitution); and
  • in criminal charges from other jurisdictions in British Columbia and other provinces in Canada.

He represents individuals charged with criminal offences such as:

  • Marijuana Grow Operations

    Marijuana Grow Operations Individuals at times fall prey to marijuana grows operation and finds no one around who can save them from punishment. This is the time when an experienced criminal lawyer.

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  • Fraud, Theft, Shoplifting etc.

    Fraud, Theft, Shoplifting etc. Heavy penalty can be imposed on individuals who commit Fraud theft shoplifting crimes. Fraud is if mislead or trick somebody that causes harm. These cases are mostly related to

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  • Assault Charges

    Assault Charges Individuals charged with such assault charges often involve in a physical altercation. People under the influence of drugs, Alcohol and other intoxicants often get involved in such fights.

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  • Driving Charges

    Driving Charges Partying and making merry with friends is no crime. However if you are an underage driver or are driving under the influence of drugs, you can easily land up in trouble.

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