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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Theft from an Employer:

A conviction for theft or fraud from an employer can often result in a jail sentence. Experienced defence counsel like John Buchanan can help you avoid going to jail and possibly even from having a criminal record which could make future employment very difficult.

Drug and Marijuana Grow Operations:

The law involving the execution of search warrants and the seizure of drugs is a very complex one.  It requires an experienced counsel to help you navigate you through the system.  Not only will the Crown Prosecutor invariably be seeking a jail sentence in the event of a guilty or a conviction but recent legislation will impose mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana grow operations involving even as few plants as six.  Experienced counsel will make certain that the police have reasonable and probable grounds to obtain a search warrant, make certain that the search warrant was executed properly and make every effort to see that if you are convicted or do plead guilty that you are able to get a conditional jail sentence which amounts to “house arrest”. This will be much more difficult under the new legislation.  Charter arguments will have to be raised with respect to the constitutionality of mandatory minimum jail sentences.  Obviously this sort of challenge requires experienced counsel.

Practice Areas

Spousal or Domestic Assault:

In the vast majority of these cases the accused will be arrested and taken into custody and brought before a Provincial Court Judge or a Justice of the Peace the next morning. In most of these cases the accused is male.  At the bail hearing, the Crown Counsel or Prosecutor will almost always seek a no contact order and a no go order to the residence in which the victim (usually the spouse or girlfriend of the male accused). Many of these bail hearings are conducted before the accused has had the opportunity to retain counsel. It is very important for the accused, once released, to seek and retain counsel who can assist him in getting those bail conditions varied so that contact can be resumed with the complainant and, if possible, previous living arrangements resumed. It is often a enormous financial strain on people caught in such circumstances because they then have to have two residences to maintain. These cases are often resolved through negotiation. That negotiation can, and often does, take a number of weeks and even months. It is important to have experienced counsel conduct these negotiations.

Shoplifting, Theft & Fraud:

It is very important to consult experienced counsel before deciding to plead guilty to any one of these charges.  A conviction for theft or fraud can have very serious consequences for any form of future employment and possibly even jeopardize current employment.  Almost all current government jobs require criminal records check.  REMEMBER even if you wish to plead guilty it is possible to avoid getting a criminal record and John Buchanan can help you in that regard.

Recent Successes

R v. B.T. – Richmond Provincial Court October 8, 2013
Charge: Endangering or interfering with an airline crew contrary to Section 7.41(1)(a) Aeronautics Act Issue: Endangering or interfering with an airline crew contrary to Section 7.41(1)(a) Aeronautics ActResult: BT was sentenced to a $750 fine.
Regina v A.D. – Vancouver Provincial Court September 10, 2013

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