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Jun 21

Criminal acts – drugs

By John Buchanan | Criminal defense , Law , Legal resources

Possession of an illegal drug constitutes a criminal offense under Article 10 of the Law on the Abuse of Drugs and Trafficking in Human Beings of 1985 (NSV). The maximum sentence is two years in prison. To prove possession, the prosecution must first prove that:

– The illegal drug was in possession of the accused person

– A person knew she was in possession of an illegal drug

Each accused person may have a defense if:

– The substance is not forbidden

– The substance was not in your possession

– You did not know that the substance was in your possession

Do you get a criminal record?

According to the verdict, you can be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 2 years. However, the maximum penalty for someone who has files and the past of criminal charges.

Is there a court order and a failure to appear in court?

The police will sometimes have the opportunity to make a written statement. In that case, you can declare yourself guilty and avoid going to court. This is not recommended. It is always better to appear to the court personally, and it is advisable for you to be represented by a lawyer, especially if you hope to avoid criminal convictions. Work shall be subject to a maximum sentence of 2 years in prison. Attending the court, you show judges to understand your actions and accept responsibility seriously.

Are police allowed to use sniffing dogs to detect drugs?

dogMany people who are accused of possession of drugs have discovered a police dog. If a cop suspects and has justifiable reasons to have an illegal substance in their possession, they can stop you in a detailed search. It’s important:

– Police do not need to use means for finding drugs if a person is asked for a sports event, concert, parade

– The order is also not necessary in case of police raids in bars and pubs.

Do I have the right to quit?

Of course, you have the right to feel. You will no longer be punished for not completing the question. If you have cooperated with the police that can be at your disposal during the trial. If you are in doubt, seek legal advice.

What is the case of drug supply?

The supply of illegal substances is a much more serious charge of possession, and the maximum sentence is between 15 years and life imprisonment. A person will be charged with possession when the amount of substance is below the quantity to be transmitted and where there is proof of supply (e.g., Large amounts of money or small supply). The quantity of supplies for each drug varies, but as an example, methylamphetamine has an amount of 3 g that is transmitted, and ecstasy is 0.75 g. When the amount of drugs found in an individual’s possession is above the amount transmitted, the prosecution can respond to the weight to prove that the drugs were for supply.

Jun 21

Experienced criminal defense lawyer

By John Buchanan | Criminal defense , Law , Lawyers

When dealing with criminal charges, more is just your freedom in question. Though you think that a tail is a prison sentence or a large financial penalty, that’s the least you need to be concerned about, you need to realize that a criminal conviction can be followed for the rest of your life. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you need the assistance of an assistant criminal lawyer. A good lawyer for criminal defense can explain your right at all stages of the criminal record

Why do you need a lawyer for criminal offenses?

In the event you are accused of any criminal intimidation, it may be a serious problem. A person facing criminal charges risks extreme punishments and consequences, such as imprisonment, criminal liability, and loss of prospects for employment. A criminal report of any nature requires legal advice of a qualified criminal lawyer who can protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome of the case.

What is required of a lawyer?

Lawyers deal with various criminal cases. When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you will want to find the best case for your case. It is important to pay attention to the level of his skills and knowledge. Because of the nature of your job, it is important that the lawyer you hire has the necessary level of skills needed to defend the case. In the end, since criminal laws and penalties vary from state to state, it is important that a lawyer has experience with national and local court rules.

Questions for appointing a criminal defense lawyer

questionThese are the questions that should be asked of your chosen lawyer:

– Do you have any experience with such cases?

– How many of my criminal cases are you leading?

-How many experiences do you have injury research?

– How often do you consent to guilt or monetary compensation?

– What are your lawyer fees?

– Which way of payment?

Criminal defense fees

The costs of engaging a criminal attorney will vary depending on some factors. This includes a lawyer’s experience, his reputation, and the cases he represents. Depending on the recruitment fee, some lawyers may allow you to agree on a payment plan so as not to affect your home budget. In any case, it is a good idea to consult with various law enforcement advocates in your area to find the one that offers the best conditions, which only pay for representation. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you will receive from the state or government a legal representative who will represent in your case.

Get legal help

Now when you know what a good lawyer can do for you and what you can expect, contact the criminal defense counselor here today to discuss your situation and get legal advice