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services-photoThe initial consultation is free.  My 24hr answering service is not a recording but is answered by real people who will pass messages on to me as soon as reasonably possible.

All phone calls are returned.  In the current criminal justice system no matter whether you are going to have a trial, pleading guilty or trying to negotiate a plea to a lessor offence there will be a  minimum of four or five court appearances. Unrepresented accused can sit in a courtroom for hours waiting for their cases to be called. Should you decide to retain John Buchanan as your counsel, he will make most of the court appearances for you, enabling you to carry on with your normal daily routines including, of course, your employment. John Buchanan will keep you up to date on a regular basis concerning what has transpired in these various court appearances.

Typically, initial consultations take between 15-30 minutes. Prospective clients review the facts of their particular cases and are given a idea of which options are open to them as well as a clear idea of what their legal fees might be with respect to which ever of these options they intend to pursue.

It is very important to consult experienced counsel before deciding to plead guilty to a criminal charge.  For example, a conviction for theft or fraud can have very serious consequences with respect to any form of future employment and could possibly even jeopardize your current employment.  Almost all current government jobs require a criminal records check.  Remember even if your wish to plead guilty it is possible to avoid getting a criminal record and John Buchanan can help you in that regard.

Recent Successes

R v. B.T. – Richmond Provincial Court October 8, 2013
Charge: Endangering or interfering with an airline crew contrary to Section 7.41(1)(a) Aeronautics Act Issue: Endangering or interfering with an airline crew contrary to Section 7.41(1)(a) Aeronautics ActResult: BT was sentenced to a $750 fine.
Regina v A.D. – Vancouver Provincial Court September 10, 2013

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